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  • Barbara

    An amazing look for our ''Barbara'' chair ! A cut-out oval in the back provides a distinctive character, while the lively range of colours and the mat finish makes a big style statement. Dimensions : Width : 19'' – Depth : 23'' – Height : 31''

    146,40 €
  • Courtney

    Add a dash of mild madness to your kitchen ! Eye-catching, this ''Courtney'' armless chair is a must-have for hip dining area.

    106,80 €
  • Haley

    This ''Haley'' amazing chair is as light as paper but sturdy as steel. Play with the vibrant colours range to create a unique dining area.

    111,60 €
  • Horatio

    Its design is based on a very simple idea : atypical aesthetics for an everyday use. You may even choose to combine the various colours ! A specific look that will happily and impertinently fit with your furniture.

    Precio especial: De 238,80 € Precio normal: 267,60 €
  • Kenny

    Chic design elements and a lovely pattern bring cool interest to this ''Kenny'' chair. The well-lofted seat cushion offers ultimate comfort and support.

    358,80 €
  • Leela

    At once contemporary and chic, The ''Leela'' chair makes your strong sense of personal style evident. Stylish, easy-clean, leather-like upholstery makes the cut-out in the back more stunning in the light of its vibrant yellow.

    172,80 €
  • Lexie

    Demonstrate your flair for modern style with our ''Lexie'' chair in your dining room. A rectangular cushioned back offers a contemporary feel, while the comfortable seat provides complete comfort.

    190,80 €
  • Marie-Claire

    There's no denying the naturally appealing of our Marie-Claire chair! Its organic feeling is enhanced by the pretty wood veneers and faux leather upholstery, adding rustic charm and comfort.

    124,80 €